Improve the world around you with a construction career

A solar panel installer sits on the roof looking at a wind turbine.

Want to make a difference in the world? Choose a construction career.

You can make a big difference and help others with a career in the construction industry. New Zealand needs 57,600 extra people to work in construction by 2026. New houses are needed, and existing buildings need strengthening and insulating to create safer and healthier spaces to live. Learning a construction industry trade is good for you and good for New Zealand.

Build more houses

By choosing a career in construction you can help build more homes so that families have safe places to raise children and students won’t struggle to find flats. New Zealanders need more homes to live in as the population continues to grow, so the Government is planning to build 43,000 new houses by 2023.

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Build safer buildings and create great public spaces

If you choose a career in construction you’ll be helping New Zealanders live safer and happier lives. Safer buildings are needed to protect people from natural disasters such as earthquakes. We also need to construct more fun and useable public spaces to make New Zealand an even better place to live.

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Insulate homes

There's plenty of important construction work to be done by insulating homes to create dry and healthy living spaces. People living in damp and mouldy conditions are more likely to suffer from health issues such as breathing and skin problems, sore throats and fevers.

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Protect the environment

A construction career can help you to protect our environment. You could build wind farms or install solar panels on homes.

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Got a trade, got it made

Find out how to get into a construction trade and make a real difference.


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Updated 13 Dec 2019