Look beyond the top 10 jobs

People standing on scaffolding in hard hats and yellow jackets look at a plan

Discover more than the top 10 jobs on careers.govt.nz.

Top 10 jobs in 2021

In 2021 the most common searches of our website were for jobs that existed before our grandparents were born.

The top 10 jobs people searched for were lawyer, doctor, nurse, teacher, chef, accountant, police officer, architect, engineer and builder. 

However, if you're looking for a job, here's how to find out about hundreds of other, newer jobs that offer great opportunities, and could be a good fit for your own interests and skills.

Hundreds of jobs to choose from

We feature more than 400 jobs on careers.govt.nz and one of these may suit you better than a top 10 job. 

For example, you might enjoy being a biosecurity officer, a geospatial specialist, a scaffolder, a network administrator or a scrum master.

Here's how to find out which of those hundreds of jobs could be best for you. 

Find a job that's right for you

Finding job options that might be perfect for you is easy – use our online quizzes to get job ideas based on your interests, skills or school subjects you like.

  • Career Quest is a fun and easy way to explore job ideas and get suggestions about ones that match your interests.
  • Skill Matcher and Subject Matcher suggest jobs based on your skills and the subjects you enjoy. 

Once you complete a quiz, you'll get a personalised list of possible jobs to explore, with information about:

  • pay rates
  • how to enter the job
  • chances of getting work
  • what you'd do in the role. 

Updated 10 Jun 2022