Spotlight on Bandura’s social learning theory

Apprentice and mechanic looking under a car's bonnet

Understand Bandura’s social learning theory and help your clients find positive role models and gain confidence. 

Job of the month – lift technician

Job of the month

Download an infographic exploring key facts about lift technicians to share with your clients and learners.

Talking about our jobs in te reo Māori

A man and women sit at a kitchen table and laugh about something. A laptop sits in front of them and outside you can see a hill.

Learn how to talk about your job in te reo Māori.

Middle-skill jobs are disappearing

A man in a hard hat and safety goggles looks sad as he faces the camera. Behind him is a factory.

Why middle-skill workers are in low-skilled jobs.

Top 10 most searched for jobs on

Top 10 jobs searched for jobs on An illustration of a person on a laptop.

Check out the 10 most popular jobs on our website.

Spotlight on Super’s self-concept theory

People of different ages standing up.

Super’s theory of self-concept can help your clients at different stages of their career development. 

Career lesson plan: School subjects and careers

School learner sitting at desk with laptop

A lesson plan to encourage Year 9-10 students to think about careers when choosing NCEA subjects.

How to help tertiary learners change their course

Tertiary student changing course

Tertiary learners need the right advice when they want to change courses.

Spotlight on Krumboltz's planned happenstance theory

Krumboltz two women talking

Applying Krumboltz’s theory of planned happenstance can help your clients turn chance events into opportunities.

Job of the month – quantity surveyor

Job of the month

Download an infographic exploring key facts about quantity surveyors to share with your clients and learners.