Scholarships for food and fibre careers

Two young people stand next to each other smiling

Grab a scholarship and get qualified for a rewarding food and fibre career.

Help save the planet with a hi-tech career in the food and fibre sectors

An robotic machine working in a glasshouse

Do you like science and technology? Want to help save the world? A career in the food and fibre sectors is for you.

A day in the life of a drone pilot

Bevin Lealand setting up a drone flight

Drone pilot Bevin Lealand uses aerial mapping to help farmers survey and develop their farms.

How to get your job application past tracking software

A woman sitting at a computer applying for jobs online

Make use of application tracking software when applying for jobs online.



Help clients overcome “yeah but” syndrome

A therapist takes notes while her client sits with his chin resting on a hand

 Tips for when your client has a “yeah but” mindset that’s holding them back.


Job of the month - landscape architect

Job of the month infographic

Download an infographic exploring key facts about landscape architects to share with your clients and learners.

Making a career change

Amy Sutherland sitting outside WelTec campus

Changing career can be hard, but following your passion makes it easier.

Lisa Jamieson, entomologist

Entomologist infographic

Lisa Jamieson is an entomologist in the city.

Kent Weir, agricultural pilot

Agricultural pilot infographic

Kent Weir is an agricultural pilot in the country.

How to learn management skills

A woman uses her communication management skills when talking to co-workers

Management skills courses are easy to find - choose one that suits you and practice what you’ve learned.