myBCITO can help your learners get into the building and construction industry

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myBCITO can help teachers get their learners work ready for a career in building and construction.

There has never been a better time for young people to get into New Zealand’s building and construction industry.

As you may have heard, New Zealand is in the middle of a building and construction boom and it is forecast there will be more than 80,000 new or replacement job openings in the next five years.

myBCITO makes it easier to get into building and construction

To make it easier for learners interested in a career in building and construction, the Building and Construction Industry Training Organisation (BCITO) has created a new digital portal called myBCITO to help them get work ready.

“For many years, schools have delivered our BCATS programme to thousands of learners in secondary schools, but we didn’t know who the learners were,” says Building and Construction Industry Training Organisation (BCITO) chief executive Warwick Quinn.

“myBCITO was born out of the realisation that we needed a digital mechanism to engage directly with school learners and to continue to engage with them once they leave that programme,” he says.

myBCITO is a new digital portal for learners and teachers that:

  • helps learners and teachers track their progress as they work through their Gateway programme or towards their BCATS (Building, Construction, and Allied Trades Skills) qualifications
  • lets learners create a digital portfolio of their work and a CV they can show to employers
  • offers teachers a chance to interact with BCITO directly and with other teachers involved in Gateway, careers advice and wood tech classes via an online forum

Almost 400 teachers are already using myBCITO as a tool to support their learners working through their Gateway programme or towards their BCATS qualifications.

The key features of myBCITO

The key features of myBCITO include:


Badges help learners keep track of their progress. Whenever they finish tasks such as completing BCATS or Gateway qualifications, doing a first aid course, or getting their restricted driver’s licence they can earn a badge.


myBCITO also acts as a hub for all of a learner's work – whether they’re still working on a project or have finished it.


The resources section provides all the resources a student needs to support them in their BCATS and Gateway learning.


The trades pages provide learners with information about the types of careers they could possibly work in.

Job matching

Once a learner is ready to start an apprenticeship, BCITO’s job matching service can help them find the ideal one for them.

Why should teachers use myBCITO?

There are many reasons why using myBCITO as a resource in your teaching can be helpful, including:

Providing feedback to learners 

Easily view, review, comment and send feedback on a learner's BCATS projects.

Accessing the latest resources

Access up-to-date BCATS resources immediately and share them with your learners.

Connecting with other teachers

Connect with BCITO and other educators across New Zealand to share ideas about learners' projects with like-minded peers at other schools.

Staying up-to-date

Get notifications of the latest BCITO news and upcoming events in your area.


Narrator: Welcome to myBCITO the tool that supports you and your students as they embark on their BCATS or Gateway qualifications.

myBCITO allows you to track your students learning, review and comment on their work, access the latest teaching resources and information and network with like minded teachers from schools across the country.

Let’s take a look at its key features.

Badges are the way we track our students overall progress in myBCITO. Students earn badges by completing tasks like undertaking work experience, completing a series of driving related milestones, or completing site safe and first aid courses. Most of the badges are awarded automatically by BCITO but some will require your approval. Look out for the approval notification.

Students use the projects section to record and document all their work. It’s a key part of the tool which lets you access, track, and comment on how each project is progressing.

When they’ve completed the work you can endorse the project, marking it as complete.

This [the resources section] is an area for you to access all the BCATS and Gateway teaching resources. As well as a section for any frequently asked questions you may want answered.

Here [my forum] you can keep up with the latest news and course updates and get involved with community discussions with teachers across the country.

This [the profile page] is where you keep your basic profile information up-to-date. Remember, if you move schools you need to update your profile or contact myBCITO. If you need help using the tool, check out the footer with our contact details.

myBCITO is here to create better outcomes for students and teachers. But it only works if you both bring your ‘A’ game.

So what are you waiting for? Jump in now and lets start building better futures.

Signing up is easy

It’s easy to get signed up with myBCITO – just click on the link below. Signing up takes less than five minutes and you’ll be ready to go.

Updated 13 Oct 2020