is launched

A woman and her high-school student daughter smile at a cellphone., a one-stop shop for information on jobs and training, has been launched.

Looking for a job or training, applying for funding, leaving school or wanting to find out how you can hire staff? is an all-of-government website that can help. collects together information about jobs, business support and training from across government agencies. You can learn what support is available to you, and be linked through to more detailed information on the right websites. 

What you can find on

You can log on to and be linked to information on topics such as:

  • finding a job
  • how to write CVs, cover letters and job applications
  • finding training and courses
  • making career decisions for school leavers and adults
  • hiring new staff such as apprentices
  • how to fund your training.

How to use

When you visit you'll find four boxes:

  • Find a job
  • Find staff
  • Train or retrain
  • Find business support.

When you click on one of these you'll be taken through to a page of boxes that refine your search.

Click on boxes on that page to find tools, information and links to sites such as job vacancy websites.

Updated 10 Aug 2020