Extracurricular activities get learners ready for work

Two young people playing golf

Find out how extracurricular activities develop skills sought after by employers.

Get ready to work in a digitally transformed world

Automotive electrician works on a car alongside a robot

Our future of work series explores how technology will transform your career. First up – artificial intelligence is changing the world of work, but you can thrive if you have the right skills.

Aim for skilled, creative work with a human touch – let AI do the rest

In the foreground is a robotic hand. In the background a man sits with a virtual reality headset on and wearing a glove that controls the robotic hand.

Continuing our future of work series – we discuss how artificial intelligence will take over some roles, and complement the work of humans in others. 

Future careers are skills-focused

Engineer standing in front of a control panel writes notes on a clipboard

Continuing our future of work series – we discuss how building up your transferable skills will be the key to moving between jobs and industries in the new world of work.

Employability skills are the heart of the future

A man and woman interview a candidate at an office table

Continuing our future of work series – we showcase how employability skills, such as problem solving, are increasingly important in the new world of work. 

Find a new way of working: entrepreneurship and portfolio careers

A man listening to music on headphones types at a laptop

Continuing our future of work series – we talk about opportunities for self-employment in the new gig economy.

Job hunting tips for mature workers

A mature worker taking inventory in a warehouse

Mature workers have a lot of offer employers. Here are some tips to help you highlight your skills and experience. 

Ryan finds his place working with water

Infographic with text that says Career Paths: Water treatment operator

Ryan Young started out as a builder but ended up in a different type of hands-on job with the water industry.

How employers can influence tech sector training

Two learners at Dev Academy

Employers can help IT graduates into jobs by working with tech schools.

Fire lights the way to engineer’s future

Infographic with text that says Career Paths: Fire Engineer

Taking part in a firefighting open day made Angela Fearnley rethink her career options.