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Quantity Surveyor

Kairūri Utu Hanga Whare

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Quantity surveyors manage finances for construction projects. They calculate budgets based on clients' requirements, and prepare detailed estimates to ensure budgets are sufficient for each stage of construction.

Job opportunities
Training usually required
2-3 years

Entry-level quantity surveyors usually earn
$50K-$85K per year

Experienced quantity surveyors usually earn
$90K-$150K per year

Building Surveyor

Kairūri Whare

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Building surveyors inspect plans and building constructions to see if buildings are, or will be, built correctly. They may also issue certificates, write reports and help owners and potential buyers with construction problems and solutions.

Job opportunities

New building surveyors usually earn
$50K-$65K per year

Building surveyors who are managers usually earn
$90-$160K per year