After the interview

You may be ready to relax after your interview, but there are a few things you should do before you put your feet up.

Five things to do after the interview

1. Reward yourself for a job well done!

2. Write a thank you letter to the employer and post it on the same day to highlight your enthusiasm, mention something you forgot or provide any details that may have been requested.

3. Analyse your performance.

4. Write down all the questions you were asked for future reference, noting which questions you may need to practise answering.

5. Re-approach the employer when the timeframe for a decision has passed. If unsuccessful, ask for some feedback to help you with your job search or for ideas for further contacts.

Job offers

If you are offered the job, find out:

  • the starting date, time and place
  • what you need to bring e.g. proof of citizenship, IRD number, bank account number, tools, safety gear/clothes.

You should also look over your employment agreement, and you may want to discuss the wages/salary you have been offered.

Updated 23 Jul 2018