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Kaitauwhiro Pūtea

Actuaries predict and assess the financial risks and impacts of future events. They work in areas such as insurance, superannuation and investment.

Job opportunities
Training usually required
5-8 years

Trainee actuaries usually earn
$45K-$100K per year

Qualified actuaries with five years' experience usually earn
$100K-$150K per year

Air Traffic Controller

Kaiwhakahaere Huarahi Rererangi

Air traffic controllers direct the safe and orderly movement of aircraft while they are flying, landing, taking off and taxiing.

Job opportunities
Training usually required
1 year

Air traffic controllers usually earn
$90K-$160K per year

Experienced air traffic controllers who work at radar centres usually earn
$160K-$180K per year


Kaitātari Kaute

Auditors examine and report on the financial records and systems of organisations to ensure they are accurate.

Job opportunities
Training usually required
3-6 years

New auditors usually earn
$45K-$54K per year

Senior auditors and audit managers usually earn
$90K-$165K per year