Help for qualification providers regarding this database

Careers New Zealand now uses information from the New Zealand Qualifications Authority (NZQA) to update our information about courses and qualification providers. To update any incorrect details, you'll need to contact NZQA.

Information about qualifications providers is from NZQA's Register of Quality Assured Qualifications, which is also used by KiwiQuals. The register, and therefore this website and KiwiQuals, hold all quality-assured qualifications available in New Zealand that are 40 credits or above.  

The information on this site is updated every week from the register.

At any stage you can contact either organisation for help.

Which organisation is responsible for the various parts of this site?

Careers New Zealand provides the search engine that indexes the courses. NZQA provides the information on qualifications, campus, and contact information. Careers New Zealand maintains the links between occupations and qualifications. 

My organisation no longer provides one of the qualifications listed on your site. How can I get this removed?

You will have to complete a letter to NZQA to withdraw accreditation for this qualification. The letter has to be signed by a senior manager within your organisation. A template is available and you could email NZQA for this.

I can't find a qualification that I know is 40 credits or above.

If the approval has just been received and the qualification is not present on our site, we may not yet have applied the update from NZQA.

Otherwise, there might be an issue with one of our databases. There is a bug that is affecting a small number of qualifications in this way. Contact both NZQA and Careers New Zealand if you think this is the problem.

How do I change the content of the information within a qualification page?

You can do this by contacting NZQA.

Updated 18 Nov 2016