Mentoring young people

An older male mechanical engineer is mentoring a young apprentice male engineer on how to use a lathe in a workshop

Mentoring can turn your apprentice into a key employee

Mentoring is a great way to turn your work experience student into a future star for your business, saving you from skill shortages and recruitment costs. It’s also necessary if you want your apprentice to turn into a well-skilled and long-term member of your staff.

When you mentor you also develop your leadership skills, increase morale in your workplace and reduce turnover.

Mentoring can be as simple as a career conversation, or more involved, such as work shadowing or management training.

When to mentor

You can mentor young people:

  • at school with a careers advisor
  • while they are on work experience with you
  • while they are on an apprenticeship or working with you.

Mentorship goals

Before you start, figure out what your mentoring goals are.

Do you want to help them:

  • develop their employability skills?
  • learn about roles in your industry?
  • learn about how to develop?
  • improve their technical skills?
  • build better relationships?
  • get to the next level?

Who can help

For information and guidance on mentoring and career development, talk to:

  • your local school's career advisor
  • Work and Income

Updated 25 Jan 2019