How early engagement works

Young people who experience just four or more interactions with employers are five times less likely to be unemployed.

Education and Employers Taskforce, United Kingdom.


Engaging Year 7 to 10 students in activities to do with your business makes sense because you can influence a student's subject and career decisions.

Students learn about your business early so they:

  • choose NCEA subjects in Year 11 -13 that give them the skills to do an apprenticeship or work at your business when they leave school
  • choose NCEA subjects in Year 11-13 that give them entry into the right tertiary course to get skills for your business
  • choose a career in your industry.


How early engagement works

Early engagement leads to a ready talent pool of staff when students are ready to leave school

Find out more in our how engagement works infographic:

Updated 25 Jan 2019