Transcript: Vaughan Rowsell, software entrepreneur, talks about work values

Jake: Who and what during your career and life has inspired you?

Vaughan: My mother, because she's just an amazing woman and she never let any obstacle get in her way. She was a paraplegic, and she raised me and my brothers as a solo mother and she was a pretty inspirational woman and that was the one biggest lesson that I took away from life with Mum is that you just do it hard and you don't let any obstacle get in your way. As long as you retain a positive outlook in life, nothing is impossible, there is no such thing as a problem that you can't solve.

That's what I learned pretty early on is trusting other people, you've got smart people around you, delegate and trust them that they will go away and find the right answer and then when they come back to you trust that. And it's such a liberating feeling as well because as one person, if you want to grow something from where it is today to something big, you need to make sure that it scales.

We're very intentional about our approach with our brand because we're dealing in a space that is kind of boring, retail software, it's not the most exciting, but retail as an industry is all about brand and excitement, and we also just reflected that on our cultural norms with like, the things that we valued like looking after people, having fun and having a bit of a quirky sense of humour.

Jake: What do you think is good advice?

Vaughan: Start. Like now. Number two, surround yourself with other people who can help, and number three just don't stop; keep going.


Updated 15 Jul 2016