Choose a vocation

Young woman: When you’re choosing what to do, the choice feels huge. You need to be ready for anything. You need a vocation.

Viticulturist: I chose to get in amongst it.

Female line mechanic: I chose to make sure we’ve got power.

Male line mechanic: Everywhere we need it!

Pipeline construction and maintenance apprentice: I chose to earn as I learned.

Father: When Nikita said she wanted to be a plumber, I chose to say awesome.

Nikita: Out the way, dad.

Construction manager: I chose to put a roof over people’s heads – to help put a roof over mine.

Marine engineer: I chose to be part of the engine room of New Zealand. In an actual engine room!

Mechanical engineering technician: To find better ways to make stuff.

Farmer: To make the future happen right now.

Female employer: I chose to give him an apprenticeship, and her, and him, and him.

Young woman: So choose skills for a world that never stops changing. Choose a job you’ll love doing every day. With vocational education and training, the choice is yours.