Ready for a career change?

Find out if you need a career change.

Do you need a career change?

Do you need to change your career or just need to simplify your life and do more fun things?

You can use online tools to figure out where you are at with your career and life.

What do you want from a new job?

What do you need from a new job? Ask yourself a few questions.

Use our worksheet to work out what you want:

I knew it was time to try something new, but I wasn't entirely sure what to do next. I spent a couple of sessions working with a career counsellor, and I also used a software program to assess my skills and interests, which gave me a bull's-eye with lots of different options.

Greg Ward

Greg Ward

Architectural Technician

What to consider before making a change

Changing careers can impact all aspects of your life. Think about:

  • how your change will affect those closest to you
  • how your change will work with the commitments in your life such as sport, family, community life
  • how your change will affect your financial situation
  • what you are willing to give up to change your career.

I can remember when we first bought the orchard and our friend in Wellington said, 'I wish we could do that'. I said, 'Well you can – we don’t know any more than you'. But we were prepared to change what we were doing, because we weren’t happy with what we had.

Steve Woulfe

Steve Woulfe

Organic Adviser

How to start making a change

Now that you've decided you're ready for a change, it's time to get things started.

Sonny Ngatai's career change - video

Sonny Ngatai was part way through his training as a doctor when he was offered the chance to be a TV presenter. Sonny shares his story of career change. (Video - 2:01mins).


Updated 10 Jan 2018