Researching job opportunities

There are several different ways you can research job opportunities in New Zealand. If you are outside of New Zealand, you can get an idea of what opportunities are like by visiting job vacancy websites.

This will help you find out:

  • if your current role exists
  • how easy it will be for you to get a job
  • how much you are likely to earn.

If you are already in New Zealand, you can talk to employers to learn more about the job market. You can also check newspapers, or register with recruitment agencies.

How can I find a temporary job?

You can find temporary work by:

  • searching newspapers
  • speaking to people you know
  • searching job websites online.

Recruitment agencies

Recruitment agencies can also help you find both short-term or longer-term work. These placements may lead to other jobs, or permanent work.

  • Recruitment agencies will not charge you a fee; they are paid by employers to find suitable workers.
  • You may be interviewed and tested by the agency. Be prepared to stay for a few hours.

Where are the best regions to find work?

Where you can work in New Zealand may depend on the type of job you want. Some types of jobs are available throughout the country. Other jobs may only be done in some regions.

Do some research about the regions in New Zealand to see which ones have good job opportunities for your job. Then see if those regions match the other things you want. For example, does the region have places to go walking, or if you like sailing, is it near the sea?

To find out more about where you can do different jobs, look through our job outlooks. These will give you an idea about your chances of getting a certain job. Job vacancy websites can also give you an idea of where the most opportunities are.

What else do I need to know?

  • You may have to take a job at a lower level than you are used to.
  • Many New Zealand businesses are small. This might mean that the job you do has a different title here.
  • Speak to someone doing the job that you would like to do. They can tell you about job opportunities.
  • Research the main businesses in the region you would like to work in.
  • Remember, contract or part-time work can lead to a permanent job.

Updated 31 Aug 2015