Learners don't have to sacrifice summer for a seasonal job

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Dear Careers NZ

“My daughter is back from uni for the summer and she’s getting on my nerves a bit. She’s made a lot of new friends and plans to hang out with them. It’s fine to have a break and a bit of fun, but she’s not planning on working at all. I told her that when she graduates next year employers aren’t going to be interested if she doesn’t have any work experience, but she doesn’t seem to get it. How do I convince her that a school holiday job is a good thing?”

Miffed, Geraldine.

Dear Miffed

University is hard work, so it’s understandable your daughter needs a rest, but working in a casual job during her time off is definitely a good idea. A holiday job doesn’t mean giving up fun, and will give your daughter valuable work experience.

With learner recruitment sites such as Student Job Search, finding a holiday job isn’t hard either.

Here are our thoughts on why it’s good to have a job during the summer break.

Employers prefer graduates with work experience

Around 43,000 young people graduate university every year, each hoping for an employer to pick them so they can start their career. With such a large amount of talented people to choose from, it makes sense that employers will pick graduates with the most work experience.

Summer breaks are an ideal time to get this work experience. There are many types of seasonal jobs available, such as retail work over Christmas, temporary office jobs and fruit picking. While learners may not practise skills specific to their career, they’ll still learn solid employability skills, such as how to turn up to work on time and follow instructions.

The more work experience a learner has, the more interesting they are to employers, so encourage your learner to register on learner recruitment websites like Student Job Search now.

Internships develop skills and contacts

Some businesses get quieter over the holiday period and have time to train learners as interns. Internships can be a great way to develop skills relevant to a learner's qualification as well as a chance to gain valuable contacts. Internships may even lead to job offers in the organisation after graduation.

Internships can be part time or short term and fit well around a learner's free time.

Fund next year and summer fun

Learners will need money for job seeking, transport and appropriate work clothing, so it’s important to earn some money over the holidays. Work doesn’t have to entirely ruin summer’s fun. Student Job Search has casual and temporary contract work that can fit between music festivals and beach hangouts. These part-time jobs will earn money for next year and some extra for fun.

Young people, with a little bit of work, don’t have to sacrifice their future career hopes for the best summer ever.

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