Elijah's Fees Free success story


Fees Free made it possible for Elijah to pursue his interest in the arts.

Film and animation student Elijah has a passion for photography and cars.

After leaving school, Elijah wanted to pursue his interest in the arts, but the cost of study made him consider other options.

Elijah thought about studying IT for a steady income, but didn’t like the thought of taking up a career path he wasn’t enthusiastic about.

When Elijah heard his friends talking about a way to study fees-free, he looked up the Fees Free website. He entered his national student number (NSN) into the NSN checker and got a ‘yes’ result. This meant he was eligible to get his first year of study for free.

Elijah was surprised at how easy it was to check his eligibility for Fees Free.

“Fees Free took away every worry I had. I felt ready to take that leap and start studying the arts.”

Since beginning his study, Elijah looks forward to getting out of bed in the morning and going to his course. He’s learning about things that genuinely interest him while building skills that can help him later in life.

“If you’re in a similar situation to where I was a year ago, and you’re not sure whether you’ll be able to follow your passion and study what you want, just check out Fees Free.”

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Watch Elijah's success story

Elijah: Ko Elijah toku ingoa. I am a creative. I'm a student at Yoobee colleges. I'm currently doing a course on Film and Animation. Photography is actually been a bit of a sticking point for me, especially with cars. Cars have always been a passion of mine, whatever project I'm starting on, that's always the first place I look for inspiration.

I wanted to pursue my interest in the Arts but, the financial implications of studying that, it really made me consider other options, other options somewhere in IT perhaps. But the idea of giving up my passion and taking up a career path that I might not be happy with, it was really scary.

I'd actually heard my friends talking about Fees Free and I decided to look it up and just see what it was all about. And it asked for my student number - my NSN. I put it in and I got back a 'yes'. I found out that I was eligible. It was super easy as well, I was expecting to have to give it way more than that, but no, just my NSN.

It took away every worry that I had, I felt ready to take that leap and start studying the arts, to move into something I was passionate about. Like I watched my entire career path just take a shift in front of me. It was really great.

My entire mentality around education has completely shifted. Now I look forward to getting out of bed in the morning and going to school. I'm learning the things that I want to learn and I'm building skills that can help me later in life.

If you're in a situation similar to where I was about a year ago, where you're not sure if you're going to be able to follow your passion to study what you want to be able to study, just check out Fees Free really. It's made such a massive impact on me. And I think it could do the same for a lot of other people.

Updated 16 Dec 2020